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From YouTube: External Services Select Committee - 6.30pm, 22 February 2022


🔴 WATCH Councillors review the activity of local health, police and other public agencies. Scroll the "in video" chapters to go to the specific items you are interested in.

▶️ ABOUT: The meeting will be chaired by Councillor Nick Denys. This Committee focuses on external bodies and partnerships and has a statutory duty to hold them to account on behalf of local residents.

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0:00:00 - Chairman's Introduction
0:01:34 - Minutes of the previous meeting - 27 January 2022
0:01:44 - Hillingdon Health and Care Partners (HHCP) Update
1:03:43 - Progress with GP Online Consultations in Hillingdon
1:38:38 - Developments in Adult Phlebotomy Provision in Hillingdon
1:45:15 - Police and Mental Health Attendance at A&E
1:46:12 - Work Programme

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