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From YouTube: Major Applications Planning Committee - 7pm, 09 November 2022


▶️ AGENDA: The full agenda for the meeting is available here, usually a week before the meeting:

▶️ ABOUT: This meeting is chaired by Councillor Steve Tuckwell and the Planning Committee is made up of elected councillors. As you watch the broadcast, the Chairman will go through the different planning applications and you may see local residents, the applicant or agent and ward councillors called to speak in support or against them. They will consider the applications shown on the agenda below:

▶️ QUICK VIDEO ACCESS: Skip directly to your relevant chapter of the video here (only available after the live broadcast):

0:00 Chairman's Announcments
04:10 HS2 River Pinn Realignment
23:49 The Elms, 371A High Street, Harlington
01:37:30 Paddington Packet Boat Public House
02:01:48 14-18 Pield Heath Road & 2 Pield Heath Avenue

▶️ DECISIONS: After the meeting, the committee's decisions will be available to view on the council’s website the day after this meeting using the above link.

▶️ SPEAKING: For more information about how to start a petition in order to speak or submit representations in support (or against) a current planning application, visit here:

▶️ FEEDBACK: If you would like to give feedback about watching this meeting, you can use this form here:

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