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From YouTube: Council - 7.30pm, 17 November 2022 (Chamber View)


▶️ LIVE from Uxbridge, UK, watch Councillors from the London Borough of Hillingdon debate local issues. This meeting was chaired by The Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Becky Haggar. Scroll the "in video" chapters to go to the specific items you want to see.

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0:00 - Prayers
4:20 - Mayor's Announcements
12:38 - Council Strategy
14:43 - Question on the Hayes Regeneration Project
18:10 - Question on natural flood prevention
21:02 - Question on Counter Fraud
25:08 - Question on the Green Flag Awards
28:50 - Motion on ULEZ and Express Bus Service
54:00 - Motion on Energy Costs for Schools

This meeting was streamed live to YouTube from the Council Chamber at the Civic Centre, Uxbridge. Videos of both the Mayor and wider Chamber are broadcast on this channel for a 360 degree view.

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London Borough of Hillingdon