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From YouTube: Cabinet: 7pm, 16 June 2022 [ with confidential preview ]


🔴 LIVE from Uxbridge, UK, watch Hillingdon's Cabinet make decisions that matter, including a preview of confidential matters for maximum transparency. Scroll the "in video" chapters to go to the specific items you want to see.

▶️ ABOUT: Cabinet is chaired by the Leader of the Council. Attending are 6 other Cabinet Members responsible for a range of council service areas. More here about the Cabinet:

▶️ QUICK VIDEO ACCESS: Skip directly to the relevant item you are interested in here (only available after the live broadcast):

0:00 - Leader's Introduction
01:39 - Building Safety Strategy
03:16 - Budget Outturn 2021/22
08:00 - Planning Obligations Update
10:21 - Hayes Estate Garage Appropriations
11:24 - Confidential Preview

▶️ BUSINESS: The detailed agenda for the meeting is available here, usually a week before the meeting:
All of the Cabinet's decisions (including the full detail of the confidential matters publicly previewed and decided in private) are available to view the day after the meeting using agenda link above for maximum transparency.

▶️ FUTURE DECISIONS: Cabinet upcoming decisions over the coming year are scheduled in advance, where known, on a document called the Forward Plan, which is viewable here:

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