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From YouTube: Building an Open Global Climate Accounting System with Hyperledger


A virtual meetup hosted by Hyperledger New York City on June 28, 2022 featuring Sherwood Moore and Bertrand Rioux discussing how to build an Open Global Climate Accounting System with Hyperledger projects.

Linux Hyperledger's Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group (CA2SIG) represents a network of technologists, strategists and other SMEs working together to use Blockchain, AI, and IOT and other technologies to help build an open climate accounting infrastructure to record human emissions activity on a global scale. In this presentation, the CA2SIG will provide you with a high-level introduction to Global Climate Accounting, introduce you to some of the work already underway, and share how you can get involved.

You are welcome to get involved with the Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group. Learn more on their wiki and subscribe to their mailing list to join the discussion.


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