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From YouTube: koha-US January 2022 General Meeting


Chat logs:
00:09:45 Barbara Johnson:
00:10:12 Barbara Johnson:
00:10:52 Christopher Brannon:
00:13:52 Heather Hernandez (she/her): One of my fave Pooh books, a parody, The Pooh Perplex
00:17:11 Barbara Johnson:
00:17:20 George Williams: Sorry I'm late. Does anyone have a link to the agenda?
00:17:26 Latah County Library District:
00:17:35 George Williams: Thank you
00:20:07 George Williams: It's just you, Fred.
00:20:16 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Try a different browser?
00:21:37 George Williams: That's an awesome idea!
00:21:47 Christopher Brannon: Can we vote on the color of the meeting room?
00:21:54 Fred King: Works in Edge, not in Firefox.
00:31:49 Jason Robb (SEKLS):
00:32:06 Lisette Scheer (she/her):
00:46:20 George Williams: No questions; just applause.
00:47:58 George Williams: The happy smiley fun-time money committee
00:50:13 Heather Hernandez (she/her): George did a great demo--check out the recording, folks!
00:51:32 Christopher Brannon:
00:55:49 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Any authorized value & value combo? AuthorizedValue|Value, AuthorizedValue|Value...
00:57:01 Owen Leonard: Related:
00:57:02 George Williams: You single location people have it so easy.
00:58:07 Christopher Brannon:
00:58:47 Heather Hernandez (she/her): We do have it easy! Also one 1-2 of our patrons even uses holds!:)
00:59:45 Fred King: We do have it easy, Except that I have to figure out everything by myself, with advice from colleagues.
01:00:40 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Right there with you--the Koha community helps with this so much!!
01:01:21 George Williams: I don't really have a use for the maps you're talking about, but I totally have an idea of how to implement the jQuery for it.
01:03:17 Jason Robb (SEKLS):
01:06:28 Heather Hernandez (she/her): It makes me want a "where am I" sort of link for the item displayed below the barcode...
01:06:33 Owen Leonard:
01:06:46 Owen Leonard: I think that’s it ^^
01:08:04 Heather Hernandez (she/her): This would be a job for Authority Control!:)