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From YouTube: koha-US December 2022 General Meeting


08:37:44 From Fred King : Jason--sounds good. I haven't been camping in ages.
08:37:55 From Heather (she/her) : KohaUSCampingCon23!!
08:39:24 From SUNITA PAREEK : Any certificate for Participating in KOHAcon22
08:42:47 From NateC : Sorry Im late, had another meeting
08:42:59 From Heather (she/her) : We just need to assemble a circle of hotspots around the campfire!
08:43:03 From Fred King : Our IT department is trying to update something on my computer. If I disappear I'll be back when I can.
08:43:30 From Heather (she/her) : Hi, Nate! KohaUS23 is going to be in Jason's backyard--bring your sleeping bag, tent, and hotspot! 😁
08:43:44 From Fred King : I think a campfire qualifies as a hot spot.
08:43:49 From NateC : wohooo! Car camping allowed?
08:44:06 From Jason : That's only the backup plan if no one else submits a location. Please submit locations people
08:44:13 From Heather (she/her) : Of course--how else will we carry the coolers?!?
08:57:31 From Bob Bennhoff : We just got ours upgraded, so testing is just beginning
08:58:48 From Heather (she/her) : So excited to get [29965] MARC preview for authority search results!!!
08:59:04 From Fred King : Just like a cataloger...
08:59:45 From Heather (she/her) : To quote that guru of the sea, Popeye, "I yam what I yam!"
09:01:15 From Heather (she/her) : I just got an answer--it's the library's time zone!
09:01:48 From Fred King : Maybe everybody should switch to UT?
09:02:42 From Jason :
09:03:05 From NateC : Thanks Heather!
09:04:03 From Heather (she/her) : Thanks to Laura O'Neil for answering my ticket so quickly!
09:05:25 From SUNITA PAREEK : thanks
09:05:40 From SUNITA PAREEK : Thanks to all
09:07:55 From NateC : I misspoke, ERM is coming in 22.11. Apologies!
09:08:19 From Christopher Brannon : Doh! :)
09:16:12 From Christopher Brannon : New membership form is live!
09:17:00 From NateC : Link?
09:17:20 From Christopher Brannon :
09:17:23 From grogers : YAY
09:22:03 From Heather (she/her) : And put the jquery code on the Koha wiki, too??
09:23:28 From NateC : Membership paid! I also shared the link with the rest of the BWS team
09:24:09 From Jason :
09:24:41 From Heather (she/her) : We LOVE Elastic waaaaaaaaaay more than Zebra.
09:25:00 From John Sterbenz : 👍
09:31:23 From Heather (she/her) : Their sense of humor!!
09:31:39 From Fred King : Humor is a requirement with Koha.
09:31:58 From Heather (she/her) : Happy solstice and New Year to all! And THANK YOU Barbara!!!
09:32:18 From Heather (she/her) : Jason's back yard!!