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From YouTube: Cataloging Special Interest Group - 9/3/2020


Chat logs:

00:19:20 Heather Hernandez:
00:19:28 Heather Hernandez:
00:19:34 Heather Hernandez:
00:27:18 Heather Hernandez: MARC21 linking entry fields info here:
00:45:37 Bruce Metcalf: +1
00:50:34 Bruce Metcalf: Can someone post a link to the location of those XSLT files?
00:50:46 Tomas Cohen Arazi: I will
00:51:38 Tomas Cohen Arazi:
00:51:43 Bruce Metcalf: Thanks!
00:54:00 Stephanie: All. The. Time.
01:05:17 Stephanie: I overlay in the basic editor, and it happens to me as well.
01:06:59 Barbara Johnson: • We get brief bib records when we order from our vendor. When the item is received we overlay the brief bib with a full MARC record via Z39.50. Sometimes the incoming record has tags that we never want in our bibs (local 9XX tags, 852, local 59x notes, etc. We'd like a way to prevent those tags from being imported instead of having to delete them from every incoming record.
01:07:09 Barbara Johnson: • We include some local ordering info in the bib records when we order from our vendor. It is set up to come over in tags that we never use (025, 026). When we overly the brief bib record with the full record via Z39.50 we lose info in those tags. We would like a way to define specific tags that we do not want to be overlayed by the incoming bib.
01:07:19 Barbara Johnson: • Because we include some local ordering info in the 025 and 026 tags it would be helpful to us to be able to highlight (a different font color, a background color, etc.) that info so it is easily seen during cataloging.
01:07:45 Barbara Johnson: • Batch record modification - we would like for any new MARC tags to be included in the modified bib record in tag number order.
01:08:04 Barbara Johnson: • When using Z39.50 to overlay a bib record diacritics are often wonky. Sometimes changing the Z39.50 server from utf8 to MARC-8 or vice versa will fix it. But often neither encoding will fix the diacritics from some servers.
01:08:30 Bruce Metcalf: Question about diacriticals....
01:08:31 Barbara Johnson: • When using Z39.50 to overlay a bib record the list of servers does not sort by the rank included in the server setup. They display in the order in which the server was created. It would be helpful to fix the ranking issue. It would also be great to have a sort feature on the modal display itself for the servers such as alphabetically or by newest/oldest.
01:08:45 Barbara Johnson: • When using Z39.50 to overlay a bib record it always uses the default template. So if there are really important changes I need I have to edit the default template (which I know I'm not supposed to do) There needs to be a specific template associated with importing and overlaying bibs from Z39.50.
01:08:58 Barbara Johnson: • There is a 'Clear search form' button on the screen when you use Z39.50 to create a new record. It would be nice to have the same functionality on the Advanced Editor screen.
01:15:47 Jason Robb: Conference info