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From YouTube: System Admin Special Interest Group - 6/8/2021


00:16:39 Jason:
00:20:06 Brenda: Same for Washoe. We require DOB since we have Juv and Adult cards.
00:35:09 Jason:
00:43:21 Brenda: For those of you using claims return, do any of you have AMH or smart chutes?
00:44:42 Brenda: Thank you!
00:45:05 Brenda: That is our concern too Rebecca. And wondering how AMH would impact.
00:48:19 Brenda: Is autoresolve something that is coming?
00:48:53 Brenda: I'll send some votes towards that!
00:49:02 Jason:
00:49:56 Latah County Library District:
00:51:01 Latah County Library District:
00:51:03 Brenda: We are!
00:52:04 Brenda: Yes, March?
00:54:51 Jason: