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From YouTube: System Admin Special Interest Group - 4/14/2020


Chat logs:

00:37:38 Michael Adamyk: Makes sense, thanks
00:38:51 Holly: Yes, makes sense. Thanks!
00:39:01 Caroline Cyr La Rose: Here's the plugin
00:39:12 Caroline Cyr La Rose: I think the Koha tool is based on this
00:39:27 jtate: We are working to give staff access to the client from home. We aren't comfortable with giving the staff access to the VPN on their home PC.
00:39:47 jennie evans: That's a great idea!
00:39:58 Holly: Some of our sites have enabled renewals on the OPAC, so patrons can renew as they need.
00:40:06 jtate: We are using a certain IP range for the client. With their IPs changing periodically we are having trouble. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
00:40:24 jennie evans: we are
00:40:27 Michael Adamyk: We are
00:40:28 Corona: Yes!
00:40:40 Marta Ambroziak: yes
00:40:52 Barbara Johnson: we've always used it. But we created a new Digital Use Only patron type.
00:41:42 Edward Veal: @jtate, is that just for staff?
00:41:50 Edward Veal: access to the staff client?
00:42:03 jtate: yes. I submitted a ticket.
00:42:50 Edward Veal: Good, there might be a way to just turn that off and then back on when you open back up. The issue would be that it would open access to anyone with the URL.
00:45:20 George: Kohathon next week - Thursday, April 23
00:46:26 Jason Robb:
00:49:57 Barbara Johnson: We're doing elder checks and offering delivery of holds for those patrons.
00:50:42 Holly: I have one or two sites which, for a variety of reasons, have duplicate patron accounts, so they have been using this time to merge these records
00:51:22 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): Some of our staff have been helping me out with reports cleanup. They’re running reports to make sure they work properly, and are still relevant
00:51:37 Corona: We're adding 520s and cleaning up diacritics
00:54:01 Tami Wilkerson: Our cataloger is investigating different records with the same OCLC number. Past cataloging practice here was...not standard to say the least.
00:54:44 Lisette Scheer: If the Idaho stay-at-home order is extended tomorrow we will probably have some circ staff start working on cleaning up patron notes and messages.
00:56:56 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): You’re just using a report to pull accounts with patron notes, right?
00:59:55 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): I’ve seen several patron accounts with a note that just says, “No.” Not sure what that’s all about
01:00:09 Caroline Cyr La Rose: lol!
01:02:53 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): Thanks Lisette
01:03:00 Corona: Thanks
01:04:16 jtate: I was in the process of moving and had to stop due to the stay at home order.
01:04:18 Barbara Johnson: Cat keeps trying to mess with my stuff
01:05:30 Heather Hernandez: We have three adults telecommuting in a 1-bedroom apartment, but luckily we had fiberoptic installed! We try to do phone calls in the back yard.:)
01:06:50 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): 3 hours! wow
01:06:57 jtate: 3 hours, omg!
01:07:08 jennie evans: that's so long!
01:07:38 jennie evans: is that via car? or public transport?
01:08:13 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): One of the times I’m so thankful to live in a rural area. Can’t stand bad traffic
01:11:24 jtate: That's our policy also.
01:11:45 jennie evans: as of right now we are not allowed to work from home.
01:12:04 jtate: We only have a set number of laptops available, so staff is rotating them.
01:12:06 jennie evans: lol
01:12:10 jennie evans: i'm still here at the library
01:12:19 jennie evans: us and 7 other "essential" people
01:13:06 jtate: We are logging hours also.
01:15:41 Heather Hernandez: Maybe he could get internship/practicum credits for working with you on Koha, Ed?
01:16:20 Jason Robb:
01:16:24 jennie evans: see you all later!!
01:16:32 Heather Hernandez: Really looking forward to Kohathon!
01:16:36 patricia: Thank You. Stay Safe
01:16:50 jtate: Thank you. Stay safe.
01:16:56 Heather Hernandez: Thanks so much!!