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From YouTube: System Administration Special Interest Group - 10/12/2022


00:14:18 Heather (she/her): Koha IRC info:
00:17:00 George Williams - NEKLS: Yeah, cancelling the hold doesn't cancel a transfer that's already been initiated.
00:17:20 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:24:55 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:25:43 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:25:58 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:26:16 Rebecca Coert - APL: Yes George! That's a great idea1
00:33:25 Christie: Can someone post a link to the meeting agenda in the chat? I am unable to access Google Docs....
00:33:37 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:36:37 Juliet Heltibridle: I also have a Lisa who I leave the Aspen problems to.
00:37:06 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:38:08 Heather (she/her): The syspref to turn on the "Most Popular" search is OPACTopIssue,
00:38:39 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:51:41 Andrew Fuerste-Henry:
00:56:45 Heather (she/her): Good thing you'll share the report on the Wiki, then, George!!:)
00:57:13 Dwight Walker: please share that SQL on wiki
00:57:34 Juliet Heltibridle:
00:57:40 Heather (she/her): Please also share it on the Wiki, Juliet!
00:57:59 George Williams - NEKLS: Here's a link to the circ by list name report
00:57:59 George Williams - NEKLS:
00:58:49 Dwight Walker: great script - thanks
01:02:34 Heather (she/her): Thanks, everyone!
01:02:35 Daphne Hoolahan: Thanks Andrew
01:02:37 Dwight Walker: what is email for agenda?
01:03:30 Andrew Fuerste-Henry: