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From YouTube: Web Development Special Interest Group - 6/17/21


00:39:46 Lisette Scheer:
00:40:05 Lisette Scheer:
00:45:28 George - NEKLS: $('.BASEHOR label:contains("Kanopy (BASEHOR):")').parent().addClass('BASEHORkanopy');
00:47:42 George - NEKLS: //BASEHOR specific //Adds class to KANOPY allowed attribute $('.BASEHOR label:contains("Kanopy (BASEHOR):")').parent().addClass('BASEHORkanopy'); //Adds Kanopy allowed value to new patrons created at xxx only on new users var url = $(location).attr('href'); if (url.indexOf("") != -1) { $('.BASEHORkanopy select option[value=BASEHOR]').attr("selected", "selected"); } //Changes to Kanopy not allowed when home library is changed to not-BASEHOR $('.BASEHOR #libraries').change(function() { $('.BASEHORkanopy select option[value="0"]').attr("selected", "selected"); }); //Changes to Kanopy allowed when home library is changed to xxx $('.BASEHOR #libraries option[value=BASEHOR]').click(function() { $('.BASEHORkanopy select option[value=BASEHOR]').attr("selected", "selected"); });
00:53:15 George - NEKLS: