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From YouTube: Kubernetes SIG Docs 20190212


Meeting notes:

The Kubernetes special interest group for documentation (SIG Docs) meets weekly to discuss improving Kubernetes documentation. This video is the meeting for 12 February 2019.

10:35:27 From Remy Leone :
10:37:48 From Kubernetes Sig Docs :
10:46:32 From Kubernetes Sig Docs : Assign a sig label:
10:46:35 From Kubernetes Sig Docs : /sig scheduling
10:47:13 From Kubernetes Sig Docs : @kubernetes/sig-scheduling-pr-reviews
10:47:37 From Kubernetes Sig Docs : @kubernetes/sig-scheduling-feature-requests
10:50:58 From Kubernetes Sig Docs : fixes #issue number
10:53:02 From Craig Peters : Should the issue for tracking the windows docs be added to this project board?
10:53:27 From Jennifer Rondeau : The windows docs are part of 1.14, yes?
10:53:31 From Craig Peters : Yes
10:53:53 From Jennifer Rondeau : then they’re tracked there, and best tracked with the current PR only (until we change our process, anyway)
10:54:45 From Craig Peters : Ah… currently only discussed in this issue
10:56:02 From Jennifer Rondeau : OK, I’ll sort how best to track it. Jim Angel is the docs release lead, sadly unable to make this meeting but we can discuss in Slack
10:56:17 From Craig Peters : Sounds good
10:57:42 From rchen : we can check the file history in the master branch
10:58:40 From rchen : I think the issue might be still there,
11:06:17 From rchen :
11:06:50 From rchen : that is the issue management repo for our i18n chinese translations
11:07:01 From Kubernetes Sig Docs : sig-docs-tools