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From YouTube: Lowell City Council At Large Candidate Forum - September 27, 2021


The first in a series of 6 candidate forums by LTC, Lowell Votes, the Lowell Sun, and the Khmer Post, this features City Council At Large candidates Deb Belanger, John Drinkwater, Rita Mercier, Vesna Nuon, and Bobby Tugbiyele.

Bora Chiemruom

Nancy Pena
Chris Scott

00:09:30 - Question 1: Are you vaccinated and how would you assess the city's response to the Covid-19 Pandemic
00:17:00 - Question 2: Do you believe racism is a public health crisis?
00:38:00 - Question 3: What changes if any would you make to the Lowell police department?
01:00:24 - Question 4: What would you do as a city councilor to address what appears to be a worsening problem of homelessness in the city?

Due to an audio error, the introduction to this meeting has been cut.