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From YouTube: Alternative House - Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October 2021)


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09:45 Vigil
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Alternative House holds a candlelit vigil at city hall to remember those we've lost to Domestic Violence this year.

"Doing events like this bring [Domestic Violence] to the forefront of the community, gets us talking about it, especially in a time like Covid where it's increasing and we know people are home a lot. We want survivors; we want our community to know, that we are here as survivors and as service providers." -Aimee LaRochelle, Alternative House

Organized by the Alternative House, the Lowell Police Department and the Domestic Violence Taskforce.

Interviewer: Alessandra Fisher
Videographer: Bo Armstrong
If you are interested in volunteering, email

Alternative House
24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-888-291-6228
Local Line: 1-978-454-1436

This event took place on October 14th 2021.