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From YouTube: Montgomery City Council Meeting (01/04/22)


JANUARY 4, 2022 – 5:00 P.M.

Prayer by Councillor Graham or guest
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of December 21, 2021 Work Session Minutes
Approval of December 21, 2021 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

Mayor’s Message
Proclamation Presentation to Perry Bowman (Sponsored by Councillor Jinright)

Special Committee Reports

Public Communications on Agenda Items (To address the Council during this time, the Roster must be signed before meeting begins indicating agenda item number to be discussed.)


1. Mayoral Veto of Ordinance No. 65-2021: Ordinance reapportioning Council Districts 1-9. Reasons: 1. Further discussion required; 2. Discussed with Pres. Jinright; 3. Plans made for re-consideration and vote.

2. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning one parcel of land containing 19.21 acres located on the east side of Taylor Road, approximately 2600 feet north of Troy Highway, from an AGR-1 (Residential Agricultural) Zoning District to an R-50 (Single-Family Residential) Zoning District. Recommended by the Planning Commission. (RZ-2021-023)

3. Hearing on proposed Ordinance rezoning one parcel of land containing 4.6 acres located on the west side of Edgar D. Nixon Avenue, approximately 250 feet north of Liberty Street, from an R50 (Single-Family Residential) Zoning District to an R-60-m (Multi-Family Residential) Zoning District. Recommended by the Planning Commission. (RZ-2021-024)

4. Application for a Lounge Retail Liquor – Class I License by Exotic Lounge of Montgomery LLC, d/b/a Exotic Lounge of Montgomery, 21 Coliseum Boulevard.


5. Ordinance authorizing Purchase and Sale Agreement and Sale of Real Estate for Economic Development at 1501 Maxwell Boulevard to Gradyco, LLC.

6. FY 2021 Rebuild Alabama Annual Report.

7. Resolution setting a Show Cause Hearing as to why their business license should not be revoked on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, at 5 p.m. for Odin Properties, d/b/a Ravenwood Apartments, 2230 Woodley Square West.

8. Review of completed plans for Serenity Apartments at the Park, 4900 Plaza Drive.

9. Application for a Business License for a rental hall/event center by Ossie Vaughn & Daphne Pollard, a/k/a Alevate Inc., d/b/a The Co-Lab Collective, 215 North Perry Street.

10. Application for a Special Retail – More than 30 Days Liquor License by Hilltop Hospitality LLC, d/b/a Hilltop Public House, 3 North Goldthwaite Street.

11. Resolution appointing Demonica Pugh to the Museum Board by Councillor Johnson replacing Karen Campbell.

12. Resolution reappointing Katie Williams to the Architectural Review Board by Councillor Jinright.

13. Resolution reappointing John C. Stanley to the Board of Adjustment by Councillor Jinright.

14. Resolution reappointing Dallas Hanbury to the Montgomery Historic Preservation Commission by Councillor Jinright.

15. Pursuant to Section 11-53-B-1 et Seq., Code of Alabama, authorization of demolition of unsafe structures at the following locations:
• 1429 Maxwell Blvd – Parcel # 11 01 11 3 012 006.000

16. Resolution declaring public nuisances, authorizing immediate abatement and assessing cost of abatement of public nuisances on various lots pursuant to Chapter 12 of the Code of Ordinances.