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From YouTube: Budget Board April 20, 2017


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This is a resolution: honoring district 3, chief deputy Kevin Jacobs for his service to the citizens of Oklahoma County and naming Thursday April 20th 2017 is Kevin Jacobs day in Oklahoma, County Oklahoma, whereas Kevin Jacobs is a man dedicated to his faith, family and public service and whereas Kevin Jacobs graduated from Shawnee high school in 1978 and from Oklahoma Christian college in 1982, with the BS and accounting and whereas Kevin Jacobs graduated from Vanderbilt University's School of Law in Nashville Tennessee in 1985, and whereas upon graduating law, school Kevin, Jacobs returned to Oklahoma and pursued a successful private sector career, including the law practice focused on business, real estate and estate planning, as well as serving as president of Crossman's development group in the Banta companies and whereas Kevin Jacob serves his alma mater Oklahoma Christian University for 16 years, including over five years as the university's president, whereas in 2010 Kevin Jacobs joined the staff at District, three County Commissioner, Ray Vaughn as deputy commissioner, later becoming chief deputy observing in that position for five years and whereas Kevin Jacobs has served the citizens of Oklahoma County with education and distinction and is known by his colleagues for his positive attitude, friendly demeanor and hearty laugh and whereas Kevin Jacobs is now leaving Oklahoma County once again focused on his private sector pursuits and whereas Kevin Jacobs is known for being a man of great faith and a loving, dedicated husband, father and grandfather.