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From YouTube: Finance And Economy Committee


A meeting of Stirling Council's Finance and Economy Committee on Thursday 17th February.

The agenda for this meeting can be downloaded at:

Items for discussion included:

Meeting start: 11mins 44secs

21mins 26secs
Item 6: General fund revenue budget projected outturn 2021/22.

36mins 36secs
Item 7: General services capital programme 2021/22 progress report.

46mins 46 secs
Item 8: Performance and strategic priorities progress report.

56 mins 30 secs
Item 9: Contract and supplier management (CSM) framework annual report.

1hr 8mins 54secs
Item 10: Hybrid working principles – Phase 1.

1hr 23mins 18secs
Item 11: Stirling city centre strategy.

1hr 31mins 20secs
Item 12: Stirling Development Agency – annual report.