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From YouTube: Members' Debate: Standard of Mortuaries - Scottish Parliament: 27th October 2016

Description Scottish Parliament Members' Debate in the name of Richard Lochhead MSP: Standard of Mortuaries

That the Parliament commends the
relatives of the late Frank Whyte from Findhorn, who was recently lost in a tragic boating accident,
who are seeking to improve the standard of mortuaries after their distressing experience of what
they considered were poor quality facilities; recognises that, due to the efforts of Mrs Maryan
Whyte, her daughters and wider family, changes have been made in Moray, and that these
changes have been welcomed by the family; wishes them success in their campaign for mortuary
facilities to be inspected to ensure that they meet an appropriate standard for bereaved families
and are sensitive to their needs, as well as ensuring dignity for the deceased, so that people do
not experience additional stress during the formal identification of a loved one, and further notes
that the Whyte family can be contacted by others affected by these issues by emailing

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