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From YouTube: Island Health Boards debate - Scottish Parliament: 6th October 2016


Members' Business Debate on the subject of—

S5M-01639 Liam McArthur: Island Health Boards—That the Parliament considers local NHS boards to be key in delivering frontline services across Scotland’s distinct communities; believes that a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works, particularly in delivering health care in Orkney and Shetland where, more often than not, island communities require different solutions to the central belt; acknowledges that the nature of delivering health and care services in rural and remote island communities inevitably requires additional resources; recognises that decisions about how those services are most effectively delivered are best made locally; considers therefore that concerns that the Scottish Government’s intention to “examine the number, structure and regulation of health boards” could lead to the amalgamation of NHS boards to the detriment of providing the best possible health care in the islands, and notes calls for the Scottish Government to undertake to protect island health boards, including NHS Orkney and NHS Shetland, in its forthcoming review.

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