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From YouTube: Members' Business - Jeremy Balfour MSP: Scottish Disability Sport - 26 October 2017


Members' Business
Debate on the subject of—
S5M-07684 Jeremy Balfour: Scottish Disability Sport—That the Parliament acknowledges that
Scottish Disability Sport, in conjunction with other home country disability organisations, has
developed a UK Disability Inclusion Training (UKDIT) course, which is aimed at those interested in
becoming involved in sport for disabled people; understands that the workshop includes a mix of
theory and practical delivery to enable participants to positively include disabled people in physical
activity and sport; further understands that the workshop tackles issues such as perceptions,
knowing the participant, communication, terminology, models of inclusion and practical
opportunities to include disabled participants in a variety of settings; believes that the training has
led to 94% of participants using the theory of inclusion principles, 84% reporting that the training
had impacted on their teaching and 75% sharing their learning from the course with workplace
colleagues, and notes that the workshop has been tailored to upskill and increase the confidence
of teachers, students and staff in the education sector in the Lothian region and across Scotland
who require support and guidance on how to effectively include disabled pupils in the delivery of
sport and physical activity, in a way that is aligned to the curriculum for excellence and ensures a
smooth transition into community-based sport.

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