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From YouTube: Scottish Government’s Inaugural Contribution to International Development Report - 25 October 2018

S5M-14425 Ben Macpherson: Scottish Government’s Inaugural Contribution to
International Development Report—That the Parliament notes the publication by the Scottish
Government of Contribution to International Development Report 2017-18, which presents its
contributions to international development in collaboration with partners, particularly in its partner
countries, Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda and Pakistan, in support of the UN Global Goals; further notes
the cross-cutting themes on policy coherence for development in areas such as health, education,
climate change and human rights, while safeguarding beneficiaries; welcomes the significant
contributions of international development organisations, civic society, universities, the NHS and
Police Scotland to global citizenship and collaborative international development initiatives;
believes that ongoing collaborations with the Department for International Development, Comic
Relief and other donors, and the co-creation of international development initiatives with the NHS,
Police Scotland, universities, civil society organisations and others, will continue to strengthen
Scotland’s position as an outward-looking, committed global citizen; considers that Scotland
should continue to provide a positive and progressive voice in the world, for compassion,
tolerance, diversity and social justice; recognises the strong cross-party approach and support for
international development across the Parliament, and reaffirms strong support for Scotland’s distinct and collaborative contributions to international development to help tackle global
challenges, including poverty, injustice and inequality.

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