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From YouTube: Feminine Hygiene Products debate - Scottish Parliament: 27th September 2016


Members' Business Debate on the subject of—

S5M-01493 Monica Lennon: Feminine Hygiene Products—That the Parliament notes the burden of the cost of feminine hygiene products on women and girls in the Central Scotland region and throughout Scotland; further notes that the average woman uses around 12,000 feminine hygiene products in their lifetime; recognises that these products are a necessity to maintaining good health; considers that some women and girls may be unable to buy vital feminine hygiene products due to the cost; commends charities such as Scottish Women’s Aid, The Trussell Trust and Barnardo’s for the great work they are doing to provide feminine hygiene products free of charge to women and girls who struggle to pay for them, and recognises the work being done internationally on the issue of menstrual equity, for example in New York City, where feminine hygiene products are now free in schools, prisons and homeless shelters.

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