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From YouTube: Boys' Brigade Juniors 100th Anniversary - 5 September 2017


S5M-07188 Alexander Stewart: Boys' Brigade Juniors 100th Anniversary—That the
Parliament welcomes the news that, in Autumn 2017, the Boys’ Brigade in Scotland is marking
100 years of working with  the "Juniors" age group, which was established in September 1917 
when the Brigade Council, the Brigade's governing body, established the Boy Reserves to cater 
for boys aged from nine to 12; notes that members of the Juniors have been marking the 
milestone throughout 2017, including taking part in the Juniors 100 Challenge where young people
are being encouraged to complete 100 challenges including activities such as taking part in a
world record attempt, learning basic first aid skills, raising £100 for a local charity and trying out a 
new sport; further notes that members have been getting active, being creative, learning new
skills, exploring and being adventurous while helping others in their local communities;
understands that the celebrations have also involved looking back at the Juniors' heritage, sharing
stories of the past and looking forward to the next 100 years; believes that more than 5,000 eight 
to 11-year olds are taking part in a fun and active programme across more than 400 groups
throughout Scotland; acknowledges that membership of The Boys' Brigade offers young people so
much, the chance to excel in new skills or talents, to explore, discover new things and provide
opportunities and, above all, to have fun; commends The Boys’ Brigade in its calling for a teambased
approach to encouraging participation in sports and activities that are critical for children
and young people’s health, tackling childhood obesity and helping bridge the educational
attainment gap, and considers that, in most cases, expenditure is low, with an average of £120 
spent on sports equipment annually as a result of the majority of members benefitting from churchbased
premises and shared use of equipment. R

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