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From YouTube: Members' Business: Fighting for Tax Jobs, Fighting for Tax Justice - 20 September 2017


Fighting for Tax Jobs, Fighting for Tax Justice—That the
Parliament welcomes the Public and Commercial Services Union report, Fighting for Tax Jobs,
Fighting for Tax Justice, which it believes is a comprehensive and considered response to what it
believes is the UK Government’s rash and poorly consulted proposals, Building Our Future, and
notes the view that these plans will seriously damage Scotland’s economy by undermining its
capacity to collect taxes effectively, decimating and destroying a skilled and experienced
workforce, overestimating the benefits and underestimating the costs of digitisation, failing to take
account of the challenges posed by Brexit, neglecting the support needs of the most vulnerable in
society, including poor, disabled and older people, and affecting disproportionately communities
such as East Kilbride, which it believes will bear the heaviest job losses and knock-on effects for
the local economy.

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