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From YouTube: Members' Business - Mary Fee MSP: Tackling Homophobia in Sport - 19 September 2017


That the Parliament considers that
there is a continuing existence of homophobia in Scottish sport; regrets that research by Stonewall
Scotland states that 60% of sports fans had witnessed homophobic behaviour in the last five
years, which is 9% higher than the rest of the UK; believes that it is important for sports
personalities, coaches and sports clubs in the West Scotland region and across the country to
challenge and oppose homophobia in all its forms to show that it has no place in Scottish sport;
understands that there is a particular problem with homophobia in football, which is highlighted by
the fact that there are no openly-gay, male professional footballers in the UK; commends the work
of the Equality Network and its LGBT Sports Charter, which aims to set out the principles to make
Scottish sport more inclusive, and welcomes the commitment of the SFA and sportscotland to
tackle homophobia and LGBT discrimination in sport.

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