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From YouTube: Members' Business: The Impact of Leaving EURATOM - 26 September 2018


The Impact of Leaving EURATOM
That the Parliament notes what it sees as the importance of the medical isotopes that are used in radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer, diagnostic work and therapy throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK; understands that, because of Brexit, the UK will be leaving EURATOM, which is an international body that is legally joined with the EU to regulate nuclear material; believes that the UK does not produce any of these isotopes and that two-thirds of the countries that it imports them from are EU member states; understands that transporting them can be difficult, as radioisotopes have a very short half-life and cannot be stored for long periods of time; believes that any delay can lead to a decrease in useable material and, subsequently, the cancellation of appointments; understands with concern that leaving EURATOM could result in shortages of medical isotopes, increases in cost, and more medical operations in place of radiotherapy; believes that this would have a negative affect for people in the Highlands and Islands and across Scotland who rely on such treatment, and, in order to continue the necessary trade arrangements around the isotopes, notes the calls for the UK Government to come to an agreement that allows the country to remain a part of EURATOM.

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