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From YouTube: Debate: The Social Enterprise World Forum 2018


Aileen Campbell: The Social Enterprise World Forum 2018—That the Parliament
joins Scotland’s social enterprise community to welcome the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018
taking place on 12 to 14 September 2018 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre;
congratulates the event’s organiser, CEIS, and all those involved in planning, delivering and
supporting this three-day event, which will attract more than 1,400 delegates from across the
world; recognises that this successful international event has its roots in Scotland with the
inaugural event taking place in Edinburgh in 2008 with support from the Scottish Government and
its enterprise agencies; notes the excellent partnership working across the public and third sectors
over the last 10 years, which has established Scotland’s world-leading reputation for social
enterprise; continues to support the ambitions of the Scottish Government and the social
enterprise community as set out in Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-26 and
accompanying action plan, Building A Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector In Scotland 2017-20,
and looks forward to 2019, when the Scottish Government will again work collaboratively with the
sector to conduct the third national census of social enterprise in Scotland to ensure that it
continues to understand how social enterprise is growing, where further support is needed, and
what evidence there is to demonstrate the impact of social enterprise on reducing inequality in

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