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From YouTube: Members' Business: Celebrating 10 Years of BBC ALBA

Celebrating 10 Years of BBC ALBA—That the Parliament
welcomes the tenth anniversary of the launch of BBC ALBA, which is jointly operated by MG ALBA
and the BBC; acknowledges that, since its launch, over £160 million has been invested in
producing its Gaelic language content; believes that the station accounts for around 50% of
independently-produced hours for audiences in Scotland; commends MG ALBA on working with
other Gaelic organisations, including Bòrd na Gàidhlig, to understand the changing trends in
Gaelic culture and to implement these in their content; welcomes the news that the channel is
investing more in its digital content to reach younger audiences; further welcomes its recent
partnership agreement with S4C of Wales, Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast
Fund and TG4 of the Republic of Ireland to invest more in Celtic language output, and recognises
what it sees as the ongoing contribution that BBC ALBA makes in promoting Gaelic language and
culture to a wider audience in the Highlands and Islands and across Scotland.


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