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From YouTube: Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee - 24 May 2018


1. Declaration of interests: Jamie Greene and Alexander Stewart will be invited to declare any relevant interests.

2. Scotland's Screen Sector: The Committee will take evidence from-
Dr Michael Franklin, Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE), Goldsmiths College, University of London;
Andrew Barnes, Associate Director, Olsberg SPI;
Alex Tosta, Research Manager , RSU Team, The British Film Institute;
Dr Inge Sorensen, Lecturer in Digital Economy and Culture (Theatre, Film and Television Studies), University of Glasgow.

3. Annual report: The Committee will consider a draft annual report for the parliamentary year from 12 May 2017 to 11 May 2018.

4. Scotland's Screen Sector (in private): The Committee will consider the evidence heard earlier in the meeting.

5. Work programme (in private): The Committee will consider its work programme.

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