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From YouTube: SES-mtg: Delegated promises, Realm objections, SES safe modules


Michael FIG led a naming discussion for the eventual-send proposal. Alex Vincent proposed that instead of having a separate constructor, we could create a maker static function on the Promise object that returns a Promise. Saleh proposed the maker function might use the root “delegate” to disassociate the term from handled vs unhandled promise rejections. We agreed to avoid the term proxy on the grounds that, while we borrow the handler pattern from the proxy constructor, the handler itself is not sufficiently similar to a proxy handler to suggest they’re related. By the end of the discussion, we had loose consensus that these names were consistent and good:

* Promise.delegate(handler) returns a “delegated promise” and is analogous to Proxy.revocable, Array.from, or Object.fromEntries, in that it is a static method of a constructor that returns an object of the same type as the constructor.
* Promise.get(promise, prop), Promise.apply(promise, …), Promise.applyMethod(promise, prop, …) all could be static methods of the Promise and that we’ll consider alternatives.
* No changes to the names “presence” and “remotable”.

We reviewed Caridy’s proposal for Realms to the “incubator” scheduled for the 27th. We attempted to isolate and address the two major concerns brought up in discussion with members of the committee previously, regarding layering the DOM atop realms and “consistency with the principles of the web”.

Kris updated the group with progress on the Compartment shim. We are beginning to add support for Compartment modules. We may eventually need to extend Compartments to support inter-linkage with modules not defined with JavaScript text, like WASM.