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From YouTube: Vision Zero & Street Smart


The Street Smart Campaign just launched in Arlington County which ties directly into the goals of Arlington's own Vision Zero initiative. Vision Zero requires cross-departmental coordination such as the Arlington County Police Department lending their hand in traffic enforcement and the Department of Environmental Services engineering safer intersections and keeping the streets clear and unobstructed.

While the Vision Zero approach is implemented uniquely in each community, all programs share a set of five core tenets:

Build and sustain leadership and collaboration
Collect, analyze, and use data to understand trends
Emphasize equity and engagement
Establish urgency and accountability
Prioritize safe roadways and speeds in all transportation planning and design
Vision Zero is a strategic, fundamental shift in assumptions about safe transportation, with a focus on:

Recognizing that traffic deaths and injuries are preventable
Factoring in human behavior and error to proposed solutions
Acknowledging that safety doesn’t have to be expensive
Vision Zero is not accomplished through transportation solutions alone. Many factors contribute to safety, and there are many who stand to benefit from increasing travel safety. Accordingly, the Arlington County Vision Zero effort will be community-wide, collaborative, and multi-disciplinary.