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From YouTube: Public Hearing - February 21, 2023


Public hearings

Public hearings are held to consider and decide on rezoning applications (for zoning bylaw changes) and heritage designations. Council must hold a public hearing before deciding to change a zoning bylaw, according to the Vancouver Charter.

Open to the public

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm on scheduled weeks, 12 to 20 times per year. View the meeting schedule
If the meeting agenda isn't completed, the meeting chair will schedule the next meeting at the end of the meeting.

Send your comments or petition online
- Petitions need a contact person's name and email (or mailing
- Send your comments or petition by mail to City Clerk's Office,
City of Vancouver, 453 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4.
Request to speak at the hearing

Comments need to address the merits of the rezoning application or heritage designation.

Attended by at least six members of Council to proceed
- Chair: mayor or deputy mayor