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From YouTube: Jan 2021 Chapter Meeting Nuclear Energy


This month at the Chapter meeting, we will be hearing from Dave Kraft, safe-energy/anti-nuclear advocate, and co-founder of NEIS (Nuclear Energy Information Service). Dave will hold a conversation entitled "We Can't 'Nuke' Climate Change: The case against nuclear power as an effective climate change fighter".

More about our speaker! Dave Kraft has served as its director since its inception in 1981. Prior to becoming an energy activist, his academic background was in astronomy and psychology at Northwestern University and Northeastern University in Chicago. He worked as a para-professional therapist for 12 years in Chicago. Kraft’s interest in the environment moved him to found NEIS with seven other people, to provide the public with credible information about the hazards and effects of nuclear power and waste; and the viable alternatives to replace them. Kraft is an accomplished public speaker and writer on nuclear topics.  He has been called upon to testify in hearings related to nuclear power at the State and Federal level.  He created the “Know Nukes!” nuclear video series with CAN-TV Chicago; and is a co-founder of the Radiation Monitoring Project, providing training and field monitors to communities contaminated by radioactive substances. He has received recognition and awards for his work, most recently the Judith Johnsrud “Unsung Hero of the Year” award for his lifelong activism, in May, 2016.