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From YouTube: Tanzu Tuesdays - Cloud Native Buildpacks with Emily Casey


Dockerfiles are the defacto tool many developers reach for when transforming source code into images. However, organizations frequently encounter day-2 problems that present serious obstacles to running Dockerfile-built images in production. Cloud Foundry and Heroku fans will be familiar with the previous generation of buildpacks, which work in concert with the platform to solve many of these problems including application and OS-level dependency updates. However, tight-coupling to the platform comes with drawbacks. The Cloud Native Buildpacks project thinks we can do better. Cloud Native Buildpacks bring the best operational features of the Cloud Foundry platform to the modern container ecosystem all while providing a seamless developer experience. In this session Emily demonstrate how developers can use the pack CLI and Paketo buildpacks to build and upgrade images. Then we will dig into what is happening behind the scenes.


Emily is a Staff Software Engineer at VMware and a member of the Cloud Native Buildpacks core team. She currently works with the Spring team where she focuses on improving the java developer experience using buildpacks.