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From YouTube: Antelope Coalition - February 23rd, 2023 Meeting | EOS, TELOS, WAX, UX Network


This week the Antelope Coalition discusses the progress made with Coalition top-up funding, Ledger support, Antler CDT, P2P Peer Discovery, Instant Finality, Wallet SDK, and more!

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:03 This week's topics and updates
00:00:55 Coalition top-up to fund RFPs
00:02:57 Ledger app support
00:04:09 Antler CDT
00:05:23 P2P Peer Discovery
00:06:22 Instant Finality
00:07:24 Wallet SDK
00:09:47 End

Antelope is an open framework for building next-generation web3 products and services. Its community-run codebase is behind some of the fastest, most secure, and user-friendly blockchains, reliably fulfilling millions of daily transactions with its innovative DPoS algorithm. Developers and businesses worldwide use Antelope for a diverse range of applications, from DeFi and supply chain management through to NFTs and games.
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