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From YouTube: koha-US July 2022 General Meeting


08:33:51 From Jennifer Marlatt : Here's the agenda -
08:37:47 From Fred King : +1
08:47:19 From Kristen Ortelli (Martinez) : I don't know that I would be able to attend them if they were not virtual. My library system would like me to prioritize the state conference with occasional ALA and PLA as funding allows.
08:47:25 From Christie : I think in-person is ideal; but I do feel some people are still hesitant to travel because of the pandemic...and some libraries still trying to build budgets back up after the pandemic
08:49:59 From Fred King : The latest variant is really bad, and then there's Monkeypox on its way.
08:51:02 From Fred King : Watching from home is even more exhausting than being there in person, at least for me. Not sure why.
08:51:54 From Kristen Ortelli (Martinez) : It is exhausting to just watch. And it is even more exhausting when your employer might also want you to be popping in and out of presentations to do regular library work as well.
08:52:27 From Fred King : It's probably an INFP thing, eh Mr ESTJ Sterbenz?
08:52:54 From John Sterbenz : There is no "might" for me with regard to Kristen's comment--it's an outright expectation
08:53:17 From Kristen Ortelli (Martinez) : Exactly, John!
08:53:39 From John Sterbenz : It could certainly play a role, Fred!
08:55:21 From Demar Cornwall - Jamaica : Do you have international members?
08:55:44 From Fred King : Kind of like the tale of the stone soup.
08:56:15 From Barbara Johnson : We've had a few international members, Canada I think. But we welcome anyone from any country to join koha-US.
08:56:55 From John Sterbenz : Barbara is correct in her statement re: who has joined koha-US since membership options started in 2018
08:58:31 From John Sterbenz : There have also been occasional members from Malaysia, New Zealand, and Canada
09:01:44 From NEKLS Zoom 3 / George Williams : Sorry I was late. I am trying to fix a broken report for one of my libraries and I lost track of time.
09:02:01 From Christopher Brannon : Schedule is updated with presentation descriptions.
09:02:57 From Jennifer Marlatt : KohaCon22 site -
09:02:57 From Fred King : You talkin about me? (I will, I will)
09:03:26 From NEKLS Zoom 3 / George Williams : Is there an agenda for this meeting? Could someone repost if there is?
09:03:49 From Demar Cornwall - Jamaica : Here's the agenda -
09:03:50 From Fred King :
09:05:18 From NEKLS Zoom 3 / George Williams : Thanks Demar, Thanks, Fred.
09:13:30 From NEKLS Zoom 3 / George Williams :
09:19:42 From Fred King : awwww, shucks...
09:20:10 From Eli : Thank you Fred!
09:20:12 From NEKLS Zoom 3 / George Williams : Yay Fred
09:20:20 From NEKLS Zoom 3 / George Williams :
09:22:05 From Barbara Johnson :
09:23:03 From Christopher Brannon :
09:24:14 From Christie : Why are they updating the interface? The new icons look a bit confusing!
09:25:24 From Fred King : Like my old bank: "in order to serve you better, we're closing all the branches that you use."
09:26:39 From Fred King : Are the old buttons available in other languages?
09:26:51 From Jason (SEKLS) :
09:29:35 From Kristen Ortelli (Martinez) : Where would we direct feedback to regarding the updated interface? Do we add to the bug?
09:29:57 From Christopher Brannon : Yes, add to the bug.
09:30:06 From Kristen Ortelli (Martinez) : Thanks, Christopher!