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From YouTube: koha-US June 2022 General Meeting


00:09:26 Jennifer Marlatt: Here's the agenda
00:18:20 George Williams:
00:34:52 Fred King: brb
00:39:27 Jason (SEKLS):
00:39:54 George Williams: The webinars will be during the week I'm on vacation.
00:41:09 Jessie Z:
00:42:17 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Official Koha-US handkerchiefs in the webstore, please, available for all!!!
00:42:18 Fred King: Need to help someone--looks like I'll need to sign off. By everybody! I'
00:42:21 Jessie Z:
00:43:05 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Next stop for Andrew, the Koha-US Board, right?!???
00:43:35 George Williams:
00:43:36 Jessie Z: Koha US' server will be upgraded on june 30th
00:45:33 Jessie Z: brb
00:51:39 George Williams:
01:02:56 Heather Hernandez (she/her):