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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 10/21/2020


Chat logs:

00:11:52 Stephanie D'Angelico: Not really familiar, is there somewhere that I can read about it?
00:13:31 Stephanie D'Angelico: We're fairly new on Acquisitions - sounds like we could use that for our Blackstone annual standing orders.
00:13:48 Stephanie D'Angelico: Thank you - yes that is fairly clear.
00:15:55 Jason Robb:
00:16:30 Hasina Akhter: Thanks Jason!
00:22:15 Michelle Clarizio - Roseville Public Library: It still doesn't "link" up with baskets created with EDI correct?
00:24:38 Michelle Clarizio - Roseville Public Library: i'll have to play with it when the Bywater demo is upgraded
00:25:23 Hasina Akhter: I think it's a choice when we add items into basket?
00:27:51 librarystaff: no
00:29:53 Hasina Akhter: That's a good one :)
00:31:44 Hasina Akhter: However new suggestion adding into basket?
00:34:54 Hasina Akhter: How often do you delete purchase suggestion?
00:36:16 Hasina Akhter: True
00:43:36 Stephanie D'Angelico: I like the notification option
00:45:35 Hasina Akhter: Anyone here has more than 10 libraries use ACQ module. Thanks.
00:49:54 vescobar: We are the only ones in SoCal that uses it
00:53:56 Jason Robb: Acquisitions SIG mailing list: acquisitions-sig@koha-us.orgConsortia SIG mailing list: consortium@koha-us.orgGeneral koha-us list: koha-us@koha-us.orgGlobal mailing list:
00:55:46 vescobar: Excited about the limit on Patron Suggestions
00:56:56 Margaret Hade:
01:00:32 Jason Robb:
01:00:39 Jason Robb:
01:00:46 Jason Robb:
01:00:53 Jason Robb:
01:00:58 Jason Robb:
01:04:33 librarystaff: Thank you, Rhonda
01:04:34 Stephanie D'Angelico: Thank you!
01:04:34 Daphne: Thank you Rhonda
01:04:35 Carol Pham Corrales: Thank You!
01:04:42 vescobar: Thank you!
01:04:46 Hasina Akhter: Thanks