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From YouTube: Cataloging Special Interest Group - 2/3/2022


00:11:56 Liz Dukelow Central Kansas Library System: Good morning everyone!
00:12:49 Heather Hernandez (she/her):
00:12:56 Heather Hernandez (she/her):
00:21:42 Melanie: Is it a good idea to link to Pirates and not have an authority record for Pirates Fiction
00:21:47 Margaret Brown: Is there a link to that?
00:22:28 Margaret Brown: I mean a link to that video.
00:22:34 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:22:46 Melanie: Thanks!
00:22:59 Heather Hernandez (she/her):
00:25:17 Liz Dukelow Central Kansas Library System: Absolutely!!
00:31:41 George Williams:
00:32:05 Heather Hernandez (she/her):
00:34:03 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Join Koha-US:
00:34:04 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:34:32 Jason Robb, SEKLS: