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From YouTube: Cataloging Special Interest Group - 7/7/2022


00:23:26 Barbara Johnson:
00:24:35 Mercedes Argentina: Great!
00:24:47 Heather Hernandez: This is my email address, , or to reach our group,
00:24:55 SUNITA PAREEK: thanks
00:25:36 Heather Hernandez: This is one of the cataloging records Margaret is talking about:
00:25:54 Heather Hernandez:
00:31:18 Christie: Is it a big process to transition over to Elastic from Zebra?
00:31:47 Jennifer Marlatt: No, the switch was really easy.
00:33:07 Marcia Butler: Thank you for all your thoughts on our 3 Novels question. I am taking notes but have to jump off shortly. I will start by looking at our Default framework.
00:33:37 Marcia Butler: Please, I would love more information on switching from Zebra to Elastic
00:34:00 Jason (SEKLS):
00:34:17 Marcia Butler: Good to know. We are supported.
00:34:19 Barbara Johnson:
00:34:50 Heather Hernandez: Bywater Solutions page about Elastic:
00:36:09 Heather Hernandez:
00:36:21 Heather Hernandez:
00:41:11 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): Oh that is beautiful!!
00:41:22 Heather Hernandez: Right?!?
00:41:39 Marcia Butler: Nice. Bye everyone.
00:41:50 Heather Hernandez: By, Marcia! Thanks for joining us!
00:43:39 NWACC Library: LOL!
00:43:42 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): NO THANK YOU FRED
00:43:57 Heather Hernandez: 😆
00:44:29 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): lolol
00:45:54 Heather Hernandez:
00:46:00 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): ooo
00:46:50 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): XD
00:47:06 Heather Hernandez: Info on the Koha-US Special Interest Groups, including the WebDev group,
00:48:51 Heather Hernandez:
00:52:04 Heather Hernandez:
00:55:05 Jason (SEKLS):
00:55:59 Heather Hernandez:
00:56:23 Jason (SEKLS):
00:59:58 Jason (SEKLS): there's a bibframe bug too!
01:01:45 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): Not per record anymore
01:03:30 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): So do we
01:05:15 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): I have a form for our libraries to fill out
01:05:44 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): Yes
01:06:53 Liz Dukelow (CKLS):
01:09:46 Barbara Johnson: I have a number of Z39.50 servers that I can add to the Koha demo site
01:10:07 Fred King: +1
01:11:29 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): Yay!!!
01:11:39 Margaret Brown: Barbara, that would be great!
01:17:07 Liz Dukelow (CKLS): WOOO