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From YouTube: System Admin Special Interest Group - 7/14/20


00:10:15 Lisette Scheer:
00:11:22 Lisette Scheer:
00:13:47 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:14:58 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: Do you guys ever use LISTS in Koha? one of our staff made one by taking Marc field, I try to do by using sql, but mine doesn’t work. I looked at the manual, but it doesn’t give enough information, went to Wiki, cannot find useful stuff on Lists, maybe I didn’t look in right place. any one knows if there is documents on how to work with LISTS in koha etc.? Thank you
00:15:27 Heather: We use lists!
00:15:38 Heather:
00:16:33 Heather: Most of our lists are built record by record--slow, but sure.
00:16:41 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:16:55 Jennifer Marlatt: We use lists, ours are a bit all over the place because our patrons can also create lists.
00:17:02 Lisette Scheer:
00:17:50 Heather: Our staff uses a lot of lists for projects--we hide those lists from the public.:)
00:18:36 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: I created a list to group all the title with certain subject. we want to expand our use of LISTS so that we can help different practice group in our Firm, I am in a law firm library.
00:19:23 Jennifer Marlatt:
00:24:30 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: wonderful, thank you for sharing, Jason.
00:24:43 Jason Robb, SEKLS: SELECT items.itemcallnumber, biblio.biblionumber, biblio.title,, ExtractValue( biblio_metadata.metadata, '//datafield[@tag="650"]/subfield[@code="a"]' ) AS 'lcsh'FROM biblio_metadataJOIN biblio ON ( biblio_metadata.biblionumber = biblio.biblionumber )JOIN items ON ( biblio_metadata.biblionumber = items.biblionumber )WHERE items.homebranch = 'IOLA'AND ExtractValue( biblio_metadata.metadata, '//datafield[@tag="650"]/subfield[@code="a"]' ) LIKE '%Graphic novel%'
00:27:07 Heather:
00:28:48 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:30:17 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:30:55 George Williams:
00:33:33 George Williams: OPACAmazonCoverImages
00:33:45 George Williams: AmazonCoverImages
00:38:18 George Williams: IntranetUserCSS
00:38:24 George Williams: /* - Catalog › Search for SEARCHTERMS- Removes "No image available" placeholders in search results */.no-image {display: none;}
00:39:34 Lisette Scheer:
00:40:34 George Williams: IntranetUserCSS
00:41:58 George Williams: -
00:41:59 George Williams: -
00:42:00 George Williams: /* - Catalog › Search for SEARCHTERMS- Removes "No image available" placeholders in search results */.no-image {display: none;}

00:46:18 George Williams: #bookcoverimg img {max-width: 100px;}
00:48:02 Lisette Scheer:
00:48:06 George Williams: CoceHost
00:48:25 George Williams:
00:48:53 George Williams: CoceProviders
00:49:44 Heather: In the manual, the info on the Coce sysprefs starts here:
00:52:08 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: I applied George's code, and the two NocoverImage signs disappeared. Should I still keep one?
00:52:41 Heather: We don't miss the "no cover image" image/message, because it's pretty obvious that there's no cover image displaying.:)
00:52:55 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: Ok
00:54:17 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: agreed
00:57:34 Lisette Scheer:
00:58:45 Lisette Scheer:
00:59:13 Lisette Scheer:
01:05:02 Fred King: Passwords:
01:08:25 yuyan - WOD -- TRENCHANT: Thank you, everyone for sharing