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From YouTube: System Administration Special Interest Group - 12/14/21


Chat logs -

00:08:20 Heather Hernandez (she/her): I'll be right over, Lisette!
00:09:10 George Williams: It won't get above freezing again this year -- and people wonder why I moved to Kansas
00:30:32 Lisette:
00:31:15 Lisette:
00:31:55 George Williams: SELECT Coalesce(statistics.branch, "NEKLS") AS branch, Coalesce(statistics.itemtype, "BOOK") AS itemtype, Count(*) AS CKO_REN FROM statistics LEFT JOIN items ON items.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber WHERE (statistics.type = 'issue' OR statistics.type = 'renew') AND Year(statistics.datetime) = Year(Now() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) AND Month(statistics.datetime) = Month(Now() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) AND If( Coalesce(statistics.location, "PROC") = "CART", Coalesce(items.permanent_location, "PROC"), Coalesce(statistics.location, "PROC") ) LIKE "%ADULT%" GROUP BY Coalesce(statistics.branch, "NEKLS"), Coalesce(statistics.itemtype, "BOOK")
00:35:46 Heather Hernandez (she/her): I'd totally watch that movie!
00:45:13 Heather Hernandez (she/her): Journals are engaging puzzles!:)
00:49:29 Jason:
00:49:29 Lisette:
00:54:02 Barbara Johnson:
00:55:59 Lauren Denny:
01:03:52 Lisette: FacetMaxCount