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From YouTube: System Admin Special Interest Group - 10/14/2020


Chat logs:

00:15:58 Brandi Ledferd: Hi all, I don't know if this is the correct group to ask this, but I came here to ask if anyone has been able to set up a direct SQL connection to their Koha data from a 3rd party reporting program. We are hosted so that's likely an issue. I asked Bywater and got no response.
00:16:10 Jason Robb:
00:17:35 Brandi Ledferd: Thanks, I will pursue this with Bywater again. I am using Power BI.
00:18:24 Brandi Ledferd: Thank you!
00:19:57 Brandi Ledferd: Oh's MY IP address.
00:38:56 George Williams:
00:39:21 George Williams: Here's the SQL for the report I use to determine who "owns" a late fee
00:40:43 Barbara Johnson: Thanks George
00:45:26 Heather Hernandez: There's a Bywater blog post w/some OPAC & pub svcs features:
00:48:21 jtate: Thanks for discussion. I have another meeting. Have a good day!
01:00:37 George Williams: RefundLostOnReturnControl
01:02:29 Heather Hernandez: I'm totally dependent on for figuring out the times!
01:02:46 Heather Hernandez: I'll be watching a lot of recordings.:)
01:03:38 Heather Hernandez: Gotta run--thank you, everyone!
01:05:14 Brandi Ledferd: Goodbye. Thank you!