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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 11/16/2021


Chat logs:
00:15:05 Christie: RHonda, you keep cutting out
00:15:15 Christie: I couldn't hear anything!
00:18:29 Christie: bug for koha regarding this issue:
00:18:34 Christie:
00:26:07 hakhter: Do you think Koha upgrade will help us
00:26:30 hakhter: yes
00:27:08 hakhter: Is there a way we can delete vendor?
00:30:39 hakhter: Mine either
00:32:58 hakhter: Yes
00:38:32 Monique Prive: that's what I am seeing on mine. I have delete tab if I've never ordered from that vendor. Any way to delete all inactive vendors?
00:39:02 Monique Prive: delete all vendors in report
00:39:30 hakhter: That's what we have been doing now
00:40:19 Monique Prive: I have never used a ton of them and leave them as inactive.
00:40:39 hakhter: I have one more :)
00:40:39 Christie: found this in manual: If the vendor has no baskets attached to it then a ‘Delete vendor’ button will also be visible and the vendor can be deleted. Otherwise you will see a ‘Receive shipment’ button.
00:51:29 hakhter: Hi Christie: I just send you an email :)
00:56:44 Jennifer Marlatt: We don't adjust the replacement costs in the 952$v, it shows as the same amount as the 952$g. We attach a flat $10 Processing fee through the Item Types administration. The fee is applied only when the item is marked lost. Don't know if that helps.
01:00:55 Monique Prive: ok with me
01:01:02 Jennifer Marlatt: OK
01:02:06 hakhter: Bye everyone. It is always nice meeting with everyone.
01:02:50 Daphne Hoolahan: Thanks everyone