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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 10/19/2021


Chat logs:

00:27:09 hakhter: What does Checked tab does?
00:30:30 hakhter: It does
00:30:44 hakhter: Thanks a lot.
00:35:33 hakhter: We do
00:38:07 George Williams: Intranetuserjs
00:39:28 Jason: .order-received { color: red; } in intranetusercss should do it
00:40:48 George Williams: IntranetUserJS is the Jquery preferernce
01:01:23 hakhter: I have a question regarding budget table
01:02:22 George Williams: I've got to go. See you all later.
01:05:05 Jason:
01:06:28 Jason:
01:07:48 hakhter: That would be helpful.
01:08:07 hakhter: I have to leave now.
01:08:57 Jason:
01:09:05 Daphne Hoolahan: Thanks Rhonda
01:09:16 Izabela Aleksieva: Thanks