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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 6/21/2022


00:23:29 Victoria: Hi Aly, the tax carries over to the item record if you change the setting to include tax. I changed mine and it worked.
List prices:Include tax
Invoice prices:Include tax
00:24:14 Aly Rattler: Great! Thanks, Victoria!
00:51:57 Maribel Carrillo: How important is it to close invoices once paid?
00:53:10 Judy: Is there a way to check that all invoices are closed?
00:59:14 Judy: Ours is like the Koha budget
01:00:37 Maribel Carrillo: Thank you!
01:02:30 Judy: Thanks, everyone.
01:03:00 Victoria: Thank you!!
01:03:20 Jennifer Wisland: Thank you!
01:03:58 Daphne Hoolahan: Thanks everyone
01:04:11 Kristen Ortelli (Martinez): Thank you!