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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 4/21/2020


Chat logs:

00:19:41 jennie evans: YES
00:19:45 jennie evans: STRONGLY AGREE
00:19:51 Barbara Johnson: does multiple order receiving have a bug #?
00:20:05 Victoria Escobar: Yaay, I've been waiting for that!!!
00:20:24 Nick Clemens:
00:20:54 Nick Clemens:
00:21:21 Nick Clemens:
00:26:11 Nick Clemens: http://localhost:8080/api/v1/.html
00:27:19 Laura (MCC): Wondering about blanket po integration
00:27:28 Margaret hade:
00:35:19 Victoria Escobar: How is the development going for being able to close multiple invoices at the same time?
00:37:07 Victoria Escobar: Great, thank you.
00:41:20 Laura (MCC): sounds good
00:46:39 Jason Robb:
00:49:19 Laura (MCC): thanks Nick
00:49:31 jennie evans: thanks, nick!
00:52:41 Barbara Johnson: Bedford might be able to help a little
00:54:09 Laura (MCC): Do we know how many libraries use acquisitions
00:54:22 Margaret hade:
00:57:47 Laurie McKee: I've done one.
00:57:51 Barbara Johnson: I think I've done 3. It's exciting.
00:58:28 Laura (MCC): Might that be something we want to do in a meeting or does that not make sense
00:58:29 George: I've done a bunch
00:59:54 Jason Robb:
01:01:00 jennie evans: that's the best way to get more viewers--with mystery
01:01:58 Laura (MCC): We are all working from home
01:02:08 George: Things are peachy
01:02:24 Barbara Johnson: Some staff working at library, some from home. Doing deliveries of holds.
01:02:26 jennie evans: we are all still coming in here too
01:02:29 Judy: Los Gatos is closed. Everyone working from home.
01:02:31 jennie evans: well, 7 of us
01:02:48 Laurie McKee: We're going in alternate days.
01:03:14 Victoria Escobar: We are all working from home, not placing orders, using money for cloudLibrary
01:03:38 SAMSUNG-SM-G950U: Snow College library is also alternating days, in addition to some work from home
01:03:45 Laura (MCC): what state are you
01:03:50 jennie evans: she's in TX
01:04:08 jennie evans: lol
01:04:13 Laura (MCC): lol
01:04:15 George: That's all you need to say
01:06:39 Laura (MCC): Is Kohathon all online
01:07:36 Jason Robb:
01:07:47 Jason Robb:
01:07:50 Jason Robb: