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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 6/16/20


Chat logs:
00:13:22 Margaret Hade: Blanket Po google group chat :
00:21:56 Laura (MCC): what did you download to do this
00:23:06 Margaret Hade: Could you be more specific Laura? are you talking about the document?
00:26:48 Margaret Hade: you’re right on track Rhonda!
00:36:36 Laura (MCC): Is there a place that discusses all the status values
00:39:22 Margaret Hade: Monday Minutes - Working with Bugzilla Part 1
00:39:50 Margaret Hade: Monday Minutes: Submitting a bug in Bugzilla
00:40:53 Jason Robb, SEKLS: this is helpful for understanding the dev cycle, roles and where those different statuses show up too
00:59:10 Michelle Clarizio - Roseville Public Library: On Wednesday
00:59:13 Jennie Evans - Flower Mound: ours is tonight
00:59:30 Jennifer Marlatt: We upgraded on Saturday.
01:00:31 Stephanie: We're on the 19th
01:00:34 Margaret Hade: 25557
01:00:52 Margaret Hade:
01:05:35 Margaret Hade: got to run, have a great day everyone!
01:05:42 Judy: We upgraded last night
01:06:28 Jennie Evans - Flower Mound: thanks, Rhonda!
01:06:35 Jennie Evans - Flower Mound: stay safe, everyone!
01:06:43 Jennifer Marlatt: Thank you!
01:06:44 Judy: Thank you, Rhonda.
01:06:45 Laura (MCC): thanks Rhonda
01:06:49 Stephanie: Thank you!