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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 6/15/2021


00:13:19 Michelle Fisher: That's a great feature!
00:13:35 Michelle Fisher: I often search for open invoices that sometimes don't get closed.
00:16:26 S Dangelico: That is a very useful enhancement for us.
00:20:20 lmoran: That might be nice.
00:20:28 Marci Chen: Nice!
00:20:31 lmoran: For reconciliations with our finance office?
00:24:47 lmoran: We have not. Looks interesting though.
00:24:49 S Dangelico: We do not.
00:24:54 Marci Chen: we don't
00:25:03 lmoran: We use claims function--somewhat poorly probably.
00:25:18 Daphne Hoolahan: Claims would be used a lot in Ireland
00:25:55 Daphne Hoolahan: Late orders would be checked also to consider moving order to another vendor
00:26:09 lmoran: good point
00:28:02 Daphne Hoolahan: There is a filter at the top of the page on left hand side
00:36:16 Barbara Johnson: I never knew they didn't match
00:37:28 Margaret - Support Lead: LDR = Leader or 000 field of the marc record
00:44:08 Marci Chen: Yes awesome
00:44:13 Daphne Hoolahan: Yes that's really useful
00:45:00 Marcia Butler: verb record
00:45:14 Daphne Hoolahan: I think it means make a note of the biblionumber
00:49:53 lmoran: Sorry I have to run for meeting. I so appreciate this and need to get back in looking at our system and how we do things in it!
01:00:15 Marcia Butler: I was trying to speak. The Acquistions Librarian is retiring in a few weeks. We may be reaching out as we move forward.
01:00:47 Marcia Butler: My phone button is red??
01:00:53 Barbara Johnson: I have to run. See you next time.
01:01:10 Marcia Butler: No clue
01:01:35 Marcia Butler: Thank you.